Why do we do what we do?
Most people who consult us are better off after meeting us then they were beforehand.
We believe most people can improve their personal circumstances after an initial meeting with us.
It is rare for most people to have their financial affairs completely in order all the time.
My extended family and clients have benefited from the advice and service we provide and that’s what drives us to ensure our client’s circumstances are better than before they saw us.

What problems to resolve?

From our experience most people know what they want from life, but life just gets in the way of actually putting it in place. A realistic plan provides greater certainty in achieving what they’ll like to achieve.
Specific issues we resolve include;
• ensuring people have adequate funds for retirement
• help with managing expenses and clearing debts faster than they otherwise may have thought possible
• genuinely helping people trade off priorities, spend more money now versus saving for the future goals important to them.
• Putting in place the right investments
• being a trusted resource for any financial matter, such as buying a house, saving for kids education, claiming maximum government benefits
• putting in place an affordable safety net just in case the unexpected affects future plans
• protecting investments of a lifetime from excessive risk
• being able to refer you to trusted third parties for your finance needs, general insurance requirements, accounting and legal advice
• planning the diversification of your estate so that the assets you have built up over a lifetime goes to the right people, at the right time, with the least amount of tax, costs, time and stress

if you are in business we help
• put in place agreements to enable the easy exit of you or a business partner from the business without costly legal bills, time and uncertainty.
• Advise on funding should an exit be needed from the business due to unexpected health and/or medical issues
• ensure control of the various entities. Most business owners own passes to the right people should there be a need.
• Establish a comprehensive plan for surplus funds from the business to reduce reliance on income from the business so your family’s lifestyle isn’t solely dependent on the fortunes of the business

how do we go about helping?
We have an initial meeting to discover whether we can improve any person’s or family’s situation.
If we can improve a person or family situation, we tell them how we can do so.
If the person or family is happy to receive written advice on how their circumstances can be approved upon, we obtain written agreement at this point. We also provide the fee for our work at the onset so there are no surprises. Once the fee is agreed and paid, we commence work on the strategy.
To help us arrive at our recommendations we gather information.
for business owners, we then organise a second meeting to provide our initial findings to obtain an in principle agreement that our recommendations are acceptable and affordable.
Written advice once compiled is formally then presented.
a follow-up meeting is then organised to agree on the way forward and implementation of our recommendations is then commenced. All clients are offered ongoing service and advice and we believe this is the effective way to keep a client on track to achieve their goals. Our ongoing services ensure what we put in place at the onset remains relevant to all the changes we face in future.
By adjusting any initial strategy at the onset to changes investing our personal lives we can ensure your goals are met no matter what the future brings.

Who are we?
The team at Hillross St Kilda Road comprise.

After 17 years in corporate life as a banker, economists, fund manager and consultant, Daryl has been a financial adviser since 1998.

Michael young
financial advisor will
he is studying towards obtaining a certified financial planner qualification. Michael has been a financial adviser since 2013 after working many years in the hospitality industry.
Stephen Lee
client services Ofc

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