Every client is different.  We hold an initial meeting to determine where you are now and what gaps you may have.  Once we have done this we provide our assessment of your present situation.  If you are happy with our assessment and accompanying recommendations and you accept these, the cost to assist you will be provided.  You only need to pay for what you believe you need and what you can afford.
Yes you can.  We initially look at your safety net. Until we determine this is adequate we don’t proceed with any other items.  A proper safety net acts as a great foundation to any future plans you and your family have.
Most business owners aren’t aware they have an issue in relation to the ownership of their business. They usually don’t, should nothing go wrong and they retire after selling their business for the price they want. However, what if you died last night, would the value of the business evaporate? Is your family relying on the sale value of the business to fund its living expenses? This is just one example of the protection strategies we put in place for owners and their families.
All of us want certain people to receive our assets when we die. You are no exception. However, if you don’t spend time of the distribution of your estate (assets) then the people who want your assets to be given to won’t necessarily receive them. You need a valid up to date will to pass your assets onto your loved ones. In the absence of a will your State’s Will’s Act arbitrarily distributes your assets to your family but possibly not in the proportion you would wish to see.
Anybody who is in business with other people, who are not their spouses. If an owner wants to leave a business and their share of the business is worth something how does the departing owner get paid for their shareholding, over what period can they expect payment. These are the issues a good Exit Agreement covers, which protects the owners of the business.
Business owners spend thousands of dollars drawing up legal agreements known as Buy/Sell Agreements in the jargon. Yet these are not worth the paper they are written on if they can’t be carried out. The only way shares in a business can change hands is if there is also an exchange of money. Most businesses don’t have large sums of money sitting around that can be readily accessed when an owner dies or can no longer work in the business. Yet that is exactly what is needed if a Buy/Sell Agreement is to work.
Generally personal risk insurance policies are used to provide funding for Buy/Sell agreements. The cost of these policies is a few cents in every dollar that is covered which means it is the cheapest form of funding around.