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Discover the practical formula that will provide current value for your business should you no longer be in your business.

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Using the lessons from this book, discover how to protect your business and provide your family with greater certainty and peace of mind


What this book will teach you

How to apply strategies to provide certainty to all owners of the business and funding for the unexpected exit of an owner.

In a simple step-by-step process, this book reveals the big issues small business owners and their families need to protect against. Everything from ranging from ownership agreements, to wills to helping your family get through a major tragedy.

The 2 most important steps

  • This book details how a business owner’s estate could be distributed in a time efficient manner. It also explains how to distribute an estate with the least amount of cost and possibly minimal tax payments.

  • The book also provides a guide on creating Plan B should anything unexpected occur in relation to the business.


More than 22,000 people have already downloaded this manual and improved their lives using what they learned about Interactive Offer. They knew nothing before starting or were not totally convinced it would work.

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Some words on the Book

  • “Daryl has uncovered a major issue for small businesses to address”

    Andrew Griffiths, small business owner and author

  • “A small business owner’s must read and action plan”

    Bill Lang, Principal, Human Performance Company

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I have been a business owner since 2001 and therefore understand the issues other small to medium enterprise business owners and their families face.

I believe every small business owner and their family should be protected against any eventuality, just like my family is, so that they can achieve their dreams. My team and I work with business owners and their families to protect their business, family and personal wealth. I’d love to connect with you:  

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