Business Ownership Protection Specialists (BOPS) was established with the sole intent of helping business owners to protect their interests and make sure they are ready for any eventuality.

Founding Director, Daryl La’Brooy’s direct experience with business ownership issues has led him to believe that no business owner should go unprotected. With his own business, its mergers and demergers, coupled with his MBA and his passion for business resulted in the establishment of BOPS .

The advisers of BOPS all have a strong belief that all businesses should be protected and are suitably qualified to offer this advice.

BOPS is able to help your business achieve peace of mind and security by organising the following:

  • Exit Agreements (voluntary exits)500_F_81431736_IuO4Bbz2mnNskzMc4ss3uAe85OyjC2uK
  • Buy/Sell Agreements (involuntary exits)
  • Funding Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Debt Cover
  • Key Person Cover
  • Estate Planning
  • AWealth Management Plan

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