1. We want to be protected when a business owner partner leaves

2. We want a formal agreement to deal with involuntary exists

3. We want certainty that funding is available for an involuntary exit from the business

4. We want certainty debts/liabilities are extinguished when involuntary exits occur

5. We want a strategy in place for the involuntary exit of a key person in the business

6. We want certainty that the distribution of my wealth to the right people will happen if I’m no longer around

7. We want a financial plan in place for my surplus income and savings

About Us

Business Ownership Protection Specialists (BOPS) was established with the sole intent of helping business owners to protect their interests and make sure they are ready for any eventuality.

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Achieving Financial Freedom can be quite a journey, but we believe it’s a journey better done together. When you talk to us, you’ll see we’ll immerse ourselves in completely understanding your situation before providing solutions. We’ll ensure you keep your eye on the prize throughout the whole journey. Take a look at some of our starting points and services below.



If you are in business with someone else (apart from your spouse or life partner) it is really important that they have formal agreement be put in place covering planned and unexpected exits. Most multi owner businesses don’t have a formal agreement in place. This fact leads to a number of problems when an owner wants to exit or has to be exited. When an exit occurs there is no private roadmap and without this guide, disputes escalate, lawyers get involved, costs mount, stress levels go up, uncertainty is created, business operations suffer and no one wins.



Successful business owners generate surplus income that usually isn’t spent by them or their family. Is your business in this position? If so, what are you doing with this extra money? Do you have a solid plan to deal with this cash? If you don’t, BOPS can develop one with you to ensure that if your business develops a rough patch, like most businesses do over their life, then your family’s lifestyle doesn’t have to suffer along with the business.



As an owner you spend all your life building your business or its value. Yet how much time do you spend on working out who will get the value of the business should you be no longer around? Clearly will be family members who receive the value you have built up in most cases but have you organised this to occur?



Most business owners we work with have built up a saleable asset over which they may sell one day to usually fund their retirement. What happens though if fate intervenes and the owner isn’t able to work until their intended retirement date? This is when they need to be able to realise the current value of their business immediately, however if an owner can’t carry on, say due to medical issues, who will buy their share of the business at its current value? No one will, especially if a key person is no longer able to work in the business.

At Business Ownership Protection Specialists, we know first hand just how important it is to minimise the risks facing your business. With the rise in small businesses in Australia, never before has it been more crucial to protect your professional exposure and guard the financial legacy that you’re maintaining and building for your family.



Step 1: Tell us your story

Our Business Bullet proofing consultation, where we sit down to obtain as much information as possible about your history, business ownership and your current exit, succession and estate planning ideas. In this one-hour session, we will gauge a clear understanding of your current needs and provide you with a written report that summarises our findings.

Step 2: Devise a Plan of Action

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your circumstances and having outlined the main areas of risk, we will devise a plan of action to ensure you’re covered for all eventualities. We put forward our recommendations and get your approval to start working on obtaining the right protection for your circumstances.

Step 3: Fully Protected

BOPS works closely with you to bullet proof your business ownership. We partner with some of the best providers in the protection business or will work with your professional advisers should that be your wish.

But our work is not finished here, we pledge a long-term commitment to our clients and will touch base with you every year to ensure that your circumstances have remained the same and that you, your family and your business continue to be fully bullet proofed.

We are a family owned firm that has been in business for more than 12 years. We believe all families deserve the lifestyle they desire and the future they wish for; the way we help you achieve this is by improving and monitoring your financial circumstances now and into the future. Whether you have your own business or are in the workforce, we specialise in helping your family reach Financial Freedom.

Where To Find Us

Suite 5.02, Level 5, 448 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC 3004